Popular Minnesota Vikings Apparel & Minnesota Vikings Jerseys

There have been plenty of ups and downs lately for those wearing Minnesota vikings apparel. Maybe you ran out and bought some Vikings gear with Brett Favre's name on it, only to have it wasted as he decided to retire. Or so you thought, and now Brett Favre is with the Vikings! Or maybe you banked everything on some Tarvaris Jackson Minnesota Vikings merchandise, only to see him struggle to find his spot.

The good news is that you have a couple of other sure fire choices when choosing between Minnesota Vikings jerseys. The obvious choice of course is Adrian Peterson. Adrian Peterson jerseys are some of the most popular in the entire NFL, because A.P. might just be the best running back in the entire league. The guy can do anything he wants to on the football field, and he has all of the athleticism in the world. If he can stay healthy for an entire career, many a record will be broken.

As mentioned, Brett Favre Vikings jerseys are back, and this time for good. After months and back and forth, Brett Favre initially retired... then signed with the team! With his strong arm and experience, the Vikings will have a chance to win a Super Bowl. So don't miss out on your opportunity to pick up a new Brett Favre Vikings jersey while you can.

But if you're more of a defensive guy and still looking for some Minnesota Vikings apparel then you should opt for a player like
Jared Allen. Jared Allen is a hard nosed, high energy guy that keeps on working on every possession. His pass rush skills were greatly coveted by many around the league, so you should be proud to wear a Jared Allen jersey any chance that you get.

Of course, when it comes down to it there are many other choices, whether you are looking for a Vikings hat or any other kind of Minnesota Vikings apparel.