Popular Tennessee Titans Jerseys & Titans Apparel

Tennessee Titans apparel is more popular than it ever has been before, with the undefeated 2008 season and the rise of some great talent. Of course, there are lots of players to choose between when you're looking to find a new piece of clothing, apparel or gear. If you don't know what you should buy, browse around this selection of the most popular Tennessee Titans jerseys.

One of the most popular players on the team already is Chris Johnson. Chris Johnson jerseys are selling nearly as fast as he can run, which if you've seen him play at all, is incredibly quick! The speedster half of the running back combination, he's a dynamic player that you know can score anytime he touches the ball. Those looking for Tennessee Titans jerseys should definitely look in his direction.

The other half of the running back tandem is none other than LenDale White and don't be mistaken, LenDale White jerseys are just as popular, and maybe even more so. Titans fans definitely appreciate his grit and his toughness, as well as the edge that he seems to play and live with. You can't go wrong by adding Tennessee Titans apparel to your collection from either of the running backs, that's for sure.

Even though Vince Young was replaced as the starting quarterback for quite some time, Vince Young jerseys are still very widespread. That's because fans recognize his talent and realize that he will be back and better than ever at some point. Watching what he did in college and in the time in the pros that he did play, the talent is certainly undeniable. Therefore, Tennessee Titans jerseys with Young on the back are still all over the place.

It's almost a bit surprising how popular some of the offensive jerseys are when you realize that it was the defense that really carried the club and was dominant. The defense did lose some big names, but one defensive player still getting represented by fans wearing Tennessee Titans jerseys is Kyle Vanden Bosch. He's a member of that gritty, stout defensive line and he can both pressure the quarterback and stuff the run.

If none of this gets it done for you, check out our full collection of Tennessee Titans apparel. You can find a Tennessee Titans hat, Tennessee Titans sweatshirt or any number of Tennessee Titans jerseys.