Popular Houston Texans Jerseys & Texans Merchandise

It can be hard to believe that the Houston Texans jerseys have been around since back to 2002 when the franchise became established. The team is immensely popular around the town and region, even though the on-field success has not yet come. If you're in the market for some new Houston Texans merchandise you may be interested in seeing a quick selection of some of the more popular items.

First on the list has to be Andre Johnson jerseys. Andre Johnson is truly one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. He's big, strong and fast, with great hands and play making ability. Now that he is finally getting some other weapons and help around him, he should be able to put up even better numbers than he has been. If he can lead his team to the playoffs, the way that Larry Fitzgerald did with the Cardinals, then Andre Johnson Houston Texans jerseys will be out of this world popular.

One of those weapons that will be helping him out on the offensive side of the ball from now on is running back Steve Slaton. Despite his amazing performances in college, some people doubted his success in the NFL. However, his early results have smashed those doubters, and Steve Slaton jerseys are taking off as a result. If you don't own any Houston Texans apparel and are looking to buy something new, than a Steve Slaton jersey could be your ticket.

Still, the most well known player on the team is probably defensive end Mario Williams. The problem is that most people know him for the wrong reasons, for being drafted ahead of guys like Reggie Bush and Vince Young. However, fans wearing Mario Williams jerseys and other knowledgeable football fans around the country will tell you that Williams is by far the best player of the three.

There are plenty of other players with Houston Texans jerseys you may be interested in, ranging from Matt Schaub to DeMeco Ryans. However, the players listed above certainly have the most popular Houston Texans apparel. Be sure to check out the more complete listing of Houston Texans merchandise that we have if you're looking for anything else.