Popular New Orleans Saints Jerseys & Saints Merchandise

Despite the relatively small region and the economic devastation there, New Orleans Saints merchandise is some of the best selling the league. That's because Saints fans can't get enough of the team, which is why they all seem to be wearing New Orleans Saints jerseys.

One of the most popular New Orleans Saints jerseys that fans are wearing is from quarterback Drew Brees. Drew Brees jerseys are great because the guy is much more than just a fantastic quarterback, and that he certainly is. He's also immersed in the fabric of the community, and he cares about New Orleans and its citizens. Anything with Brees on it is therefore a surefire win for anybody looking for New Orleans Saints merchandise.

On the other side of the flashy or not-flashy spectrum is Reggie Bush. Reggie Bush jerseys also sell very well, and that's because the guy is a walking highlight reel. Some feel that he hasn't lived up to expectations, however, he is steadily improving all of the time and is limiting his mistakes while focusing on his strengths.

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