Popular Washington Redskins Jerseys & Redskins Apparel

There are a ton of popular Washington Redskins apparel items out there today. Our Washington Redskins store is filled with them, and each and every season they continue to be bought up like crazy. Here's a peek at some of the most popular Washington Redskins jerseys.

Clinton Portis jerseys are so popular because the running back has managed to endear himself to the area through more than just his performance. Everyone also loves his grit and his personality, and Portis does everything you would want a running back to do in the game. A favorite choice amongst the available Redskins merchandise.

Another popular choice now, since the 2009 season acquisition of Albert Haynesworth is Redskins Haynesworth jerseys. Haynesworth proved himself to be a premier interior lineman while with the Titans, and with all of the Redskins apparel made with his name on it, you know the fans are counting on him to succeed and excel.

Quarterback Jason Campbell has had an up and down ride, but certainly has shown a great deal of potential. Campbell jerseys are popular because the team hopes he develops into a true franchise quarterback, and not just another player holding the position until the next great thing comes along.

Chris Cooley is one of the most popular players on the team. Fans and teammates alike love his style and his dedication. Cooley jerseys are worn by all kinds of people, and along with Portis are the most popular pieces of Washington Redskins apparel available today.

But of course who can forget about Sean Taylor? Sean Taylor Washington Redskins jerseys will be popular forever. Not just because of his high skill, but because of his involvement in the community and his untimely, tragic ending.

This is just a brief overview of some of the players you may be interested in when purchasing Washington Redskins jerseys. See our full selection of Washington Redskins apparel, including Washington Redskins shirts, Washington Redskins jackets and more.