Popular Oakland Raiders Jerseys, Apparel & Merchandise

Whether the team is the best or the worst in the league, the fans in the Black Hole and throughout Raiders Nation will be proudly sporting their favorite Oakland Raiders jerseys. Of course, the question is then which player should you be representing? If you're looking for a gift for somebody or just want help narrowing down your own selection, here's an over view of the most popular Oakland Raiders jerseys currently available.

One of the most popular choices for Oakland Raiders apparel today comes from the team's young running back. That's Darren McFadden, and Darren McFadden jerseys are among the most popular items of Oakland Raiders gear that's sold today. As he gains more experience and gets more help around him with the rest of the offense, he certainly has the potential to make his mark across the NFL.

Another of the most popular Oakland Raiders jerseys today belongs to JaMarcus Russell. JaMarcus Russell jerseys are so popular because of what he represents and because of his massive talent. He can seemingly throw the ball down the entire field, and his college days proved that he knows how to win. He just needs to develop a more complete, NFL ready game in order to be successful at the highest level.

Nobody is every going to forget about Bo Jackson. Bo Jackson jerseys are still enormously popular, because the guy was truly a force of nature when he was healthy and active. He was one of the best athletes to ever step foot on the turf, and the sheer number of Oakland Raiders jerseys in the stands still bearing his name is testament to that.

Don't worry, because we have much more Oakland Raiders apparel than just this. You can find everything from an Oakland Raiders watch to any number of Oakland Raiders hats, an Oakland Raiders jacket or any other type of gear in our Oakland Raiders store.