Popular New England Patriots Jerseys & Patriots Apparel

There is no shortage of popular New England Patriots jerseys. After several Super Bowl victories in the decade and some other close calls, the Patriots are one of the premier franchises in the NFL and are home to some of the leagues biggest stars. If it's time to find some New England Patriots merchandise and you're not sure which direction to turn, take a look at this guide.

The biggest star of them all is none other than Tom Brady. Tom Brady jerseys are as popular as possible, as he is much more than a premier NFL quarterback, he's a true cross over celebrity and cultural icon. He's coming back from his devastating season ending injury, and certainly everyone in New England is rooting for him. Send all of the positive energy that you can in his direction with some Brady New England Patriots apparel.

Tom Brady will love returning to his wide receiving corps, led by none other than Randy Moss. Not everyone was sure how Moss would fare in New England, but as the huge amount of Randy Moss jerseys in the stands show, he has blended in just fine with the club. He's all about winning, and that's what the Patriots have a real chance to do each and every season. They have a better chance to do that with Moss wearing New England Patriots jerseys as well.

The other half of the wide receiving tandem isn't too shabby either. That's Wes Welker, and he catches 10 balls a game without hesitation. The undervalued wide receiver may not be undervalued for too much longer, considering the praise he receives from teammates and the growing prevalence of Wes Welker jerseys.

No New England Patriots team would be complete without some great players on defense however. Many of the big names from the past few seasons are gone from the team. Team leader Tedy Bruschi announced his retirement, but his jerseys and apparel will always be worn in and around New England. That's because of his indomitable spirit and his passion for game.

This is only the beginning of the New England Patriots apparel we have here at Discount Football Merchandise. You can browse the rest of the store filled with New England Patriots merchandise, or you can go directly search for a Patriots hat, Patriots sweatshirt or any number of New England Patriots jerseys.