Popular Detroit Lions Jerseys & Lions Apparel

Things can't get any worse for the Detroit Lions and all of the fans wearing Detroit Lions jerseys, so you know what? That means you might as well be optimistic and ready to kick things back into gear.

There's reason to be positive when you have the number 1 overall draft pick, Matthew Stafford. Stafford was highly coveted and the Lions organization feels he's a can't miss quarterback... although they've said that before. Still Matt Stafford Lions jerseys are already popular, a sign of some burgeoning optimism.

If you aren't on the Stafford bandwagon yet, you are undoubtedly already aboard the Calvin Johnson express. Calvin Johnson jerseys are extremely popular as he has displayed amazing athleticism and football skills in his short team in the league, even without a reliable offense around him. The tandem of Johnson and Stafford could emerge as a force in the NFL for years to come.

But if you're looking for Detroit Lions apparel, you surely have a craving of the good old years. Barry Sanders Detroit Lions merchandise is still amazingly widespread. Sanders was one of the best players in the NFL history, although it's a shame he didn't play longer. If none of the current Detroit Lions jerseys matches your style, opt for a Sanders throwback jersey.

These are the big names that can help narrow down your choice of Detroit Lions jerseys. If you're looking for something else, check out our huge collection of Detroit Lions apparel, including items such as the perfect Detroit Lions hat or the perfect Detroit Lions sweatshirt.