Popular Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys & Eagles Merchandise

When you're searching for the best selection of Eagles merchandise, you want to be sure you find something that's in style. That's why we've created this preview of some of the most popular Philadelphia Eagles jerseys that you can find today.

The biggest face on the Philadelphia Eagles is of course still Donovan McNabb. McNabb jerseys are still extremely popular, despite the criticisms he faces from the fans and the media so much of the time. The truth is, McNabb is one of the most underrated players in the game, and now that he has a full cast of weapons around him everyone better watch out.

Of course, one of the biggest weapons the club is Brian Westbrook. Westbrook jerseys have soared in the last few years as fans and the media have finally caught on to just how good this guy really is. He's one of the all around top running backs in the league, and anything from Westbrook would make a fine addition to your Eagles merchandise collection.

Bringing up the charge for the young guns is DeSean Jackson. This wide receiver, returner and all-purpose threat is an extremely talented and gifted player. Of course, the club just needs him to be a bit more consistent and level headed before he takes off to the next level. But the time is now to grab a DeSean Jackson jersey before everyone has one.

Now that Michael Vick is with the Eagles, Michael Vick jerseys have been selling like crazy. Some Eagles fans have mixed feelings about the club signing him, but one thing is for sure... he can produce some big plays on that offense. Especially when mixed in with some of the talented players listed above. Get your hands on the latest Vick Eagles jerseys to show your support for him as he rebounds his life and rehabs his career.

Don't think that Eagles fans forget about their history. Randall Cunningham jerseys are still extremely popular around town, and are sported by many people in the city. If you're looking for old school Eagles memorabilia, a Cunningham jersey may be right up your alley.

Looking for something more? Whether it's an Eagles t shirt or an Eagles watch we'll be able to help you out. So be sure to browse our entire selection of Eagles apparel.