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A Wild Cat might be the most popular animal in Florida these days, but it's Miami Dolphins jerseys that are being worn everywhere proudly once again. Dolphins fans are sporting their colors for the fantastic turnaround of the club that seemed stuck in a serious, long term rut.

One of the players at the head of the comeback was Ronnie Brown. The stellar running back has been healthy and hitting his stride, and the Wild Cat certainly doesn't hurt that. If you haven't yet purchased some Ronnie Brown Miami Dolphins apparel, now's the time because he'll be with the club for a long time to come.

Miami Dolphins fans definitely feel like they lucked into gaining Chad Pennington. Of course, all the better to benefit from a division rival's mistake for the fans wearing Miami Dolphins jerseys. Pennington helped revive the offense, with some help from some great formations and running back play of course.

While the offense really received all of the press, the defensive unit made serious headway with Joey Porter at the helm. Porter proved to the world that he is far from finished as a top flight player. Opposing offenses saw a seemingly endless stream of Joey Porter jerseys breaking the line all game. Of course, there's just one Joey Porter, but he has that intimidating effect on clubs.

Jason Taylor is back wearing Miami Dolphins jerseys, which has excited all of the fans of the club. He was one of the faces of the team for many years, and now after a short stint away is back. If you made the mistake of getting rid of your Jason Taylor jersey, well then it's time to renew your support with some more Miami Dolphins merchandise.

Of course, everyone in Miami is still a Dan Marino fan as well. Dan Marino jerseys are still immensely popular because he was an all-time great, and was a career long Dolphin player. Don't overlook a Dan Marino throwback jersey for your next piece of Dolphins gear.

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