Popular Indianapolis Colts Jerseys & Colts Merchandise

There is a huge amount of talent on the field, wearing Indianapolis Colts jerseys proudly and prominently. With so many players, it can be hard to make a decision about what you should purchase, whether it's for yourself or for a gift for somebody else. But instead of stressing out about your decision you can take a quick peek at our selection of the most popular Indianapolis Colts apparel available today to help guide your decision.

Of course it all begins with Peyton Manning jerseys. Manning is not only one of the best quarterbacks today, he is one of the best quarterbacks ever, and one of the most recognizable faces in all of the NFL. His Indianapolis Colts jerseys are found everywhere, and he is well liked by teammates, fans and even opposition. He's been lucky to have great coaches and great help, but he's a phenomenal player all on his own.

Some of the great help he receives comes from Reggie Wayne. The clear number one receiver on the team now, Reggie Wayne jerseys have been gaining more popularity as the player as come into his own and out of the spotlight. Playing with Manning, you know he'll get plenty of chances to catch the ball and put up great numbers. Indianapolis Colts apparel with Wayne on it is therefore a sure hit.

Despite the powerful passing and receiving duo already mentioned, the running back for the team, Joseph Addai, still receives a great deal of recognition. When he's healthy and in top form, the offense is worlds better than what it is without him. Showing that the fans understand that, Joseph Addai Indianapolis Colts jerseys are quite popular.

One of the players that receives the most attention on the team though isn't on the offensive side of the field. He's safety Bob Sanders, and his Bob Sanders jerseys are increasingly more widespread with Colts fans. He plays with a fearless style, and if only he could stay healthy a bit more than there would be no limiting his success.

This is just a brief selection of the many pieces of Indianapolis Colts clothing and apparel that we have. You can view a complete listing of Indianapolis Colts jerseys, Indianapolis Colts hats and even find a Colts sweatshirt or Colts jacket.
are among the most popular in the league. If you don't want to be another member of the offensive fan club, any piece of Indianapolis Colts merchandise with Sanders on the back will be a winner.