Popular Arizona Cardinals Jerseys & Apparel

After the Cardinals made it to the Super Bowl, there was a rush on Arizona Cardinals apparel and jerseys. All of the sudden it seems as if the team has a huge fan base, and why not? There are plenty of great young players and the team can be good for some time to come. Take a look at some of the most popular Arizona Cardinals jerseys around today.

The single most popular of all of the Arizona Cardinals jerseys has to be from Larry Fitzgerald. It seemed like he was an unstoppable force last year in the postseason, and he really broke out into public consciousness. Arizona Cardinals merchandise with Fitzgerald on it is sure to be a hit, and he's locked up in a long term contract so you know he'll be with the team for a long time to come. That means there's no reason not to get on board with a great Larry Fitzgerald jersey today.

The other wide receiver isn't too shabby himself. That's Anquan Boldin, and he's a tough and powerful wide receiver that would be a number 1 on almost any other team. Anquan Boldin jerseys are favorites amongst available Arizona Cardinals apparel, however some fans worry that the team won't be able to keep him around.

Kurt Warner wasn't supposed to be the starting quarterback for the Cardinals, but he won the starting job and earned his place. The results spoke for themselves, with a playoff winning streak and a trip to the Super Bowl. His reward was a new contract to stay with the club, and he should remain as the starter until proven otherwise, making Kurt Warner jerseys popular once again.

Of course, Pat Tillman jerseys are still extremely popular. The story of Pat Tillman is a tragic one. The former standout Cardinals player joined with the military and was killed in action. However, his heroic actions will never be forgotten and he'll always be immortalized with Arizona Cardinals jerseys worn by fans around the country.

There you have it for the most popular Arizona Cardinals jerseys around today. There are many more choices out there for you however, so feel free to take a look at all of the Arizona Cardinals apparel in our Discount Football Merchandise Cardinals shop.