Popular Buffalo Bills Jerseys & Buffalo Bills Apparel

The upstate New York region is excitedly donning their newest Buffalo Bills apparel for the start of the new season. There is a lot of young talent on the team, but the most popular amongst the available Buffalo Bills jerseys is of course from a new team acquisition.

That would be from none other than Terrell Owens. Terrell Owens jerseys are already the most popular Buffalo Bills merchandise available. Despite his past troubles, the area and the team are excited to have him around. He should be able to help out the offensive club a great deal, and with him on board the offense does have quite a few weapons. So don't hold a grudge against T.O. Give him a chance and support him with some new T.O. Buffalo Bills apparel.

One of the reasons that he has been embraced so thoroughly is that everyone wants quarterback Trent Edwards to succeed as much as possible. The strong armed, even keeled Edwards has the support of his teammates and of the fans, but needs to translate all of that into on the field success. Otherwise, some of the fans sporting Edwards Buffalo Bills jerseys might get a bit antsy.

Marshawn Lynch needs to get his act together off of the field. He has some justifying to do for everyone wearing his name on their Buffalo Bills merchandise and gear. A great player when he's healthy - and not suspended - he needs to work on developing consistency in his approach to life and the game. The talent, and the reason everyone went out and got Buffalo Bills apparel with his name on it, is quite clear though.

On the defensive side of the ball, the people in and around Buffalo have come to appreciate and identify with Paul Posluszny. He's a hard worker, and he is a big time performer that doesn't complain or justify. He just does his best, and his best happens to be very, very good.

There you have it for the most popular Buffalo Bills jerseys as of now. That's not all there is though, at the Discount Football Merchandise Buffalo Bills store there is a diverse collection of Buffalo Bills apparel, so you can pick out a Buffalo Bills sweatshirt or choose between a large selection of Buffalo Bills hats.