Popular Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys & Bengals Merchandise

The team has certainly had their fair share of ups and downs over the recent years. Surprising turnarounds followed by even more surprising collapses. Star talent on the field and legal troubles and bad press off the field. Still, Cincinnati Bengals jerseys are popular because the fans love their fan and the players on it.

He might not get the most attention off the field, but on the field the player that commands the most attention is quarterback Carson Palmer. Carson Palmer jerseys are seen throughout the stadium and the city because he's a great quarterback and a good guy off the field. He's had some injury troubles but when healthy he's an upper echelon quarterback in the league.

The guy that gets the attention off the field of course is none other than Chad Johnson. Chad Johnson jerseys are so popular because he's a play maker, but more importantly because he does some crazy things during celebrations and in his off time. Some people love him and some people hate him, but for those wearing Cincinnati Bengals merchandise they're happy to have him on board.

But wait, he's not really Chad Johnson anymore... or is he? Now he goes by Chad OchoCinco, and the authentic Chad OchoCinco jerseys have been made to verify this fact. Who says there can't be any fun in football? Cincinnati Bengals apparel will certainly have a unique look with Chad Ocho Cinco across the back.

This is only a few items from our entire collection of Cincinnati Bengals merchandise, ranging from Bengals jerseys to a Cincinnati Bengals sweatshirt or a Cincinnati Bengals hat. Be sure to check around the rest of our Cincinnati Bengals store for more gear.