Popular San Francisco 49ers Jerseys & 49ers Apparel

The market for San Francisco 49ers jerseys has been dwindling over recent years as the team has struggled. However, there are certainly some bright, talented and young players on the squad and with new coach Mike Singletary they seem ready to start moving back up the standings.

One of the most popular pieces of San Francisco 49ers apparel today belongs to premier running back Frank Gore. Frank Gore is a bruiser, but he's fast too, and he has been responsible for the vast majority of the 49ers struggling offense in recent years. The workhorse of the team needs more help, but his Frank Gore jerseys are already quite popular.

The defensive side of the ball also has a promising young standout player, and that's Patrick Willis. Patrick Willis jerseys are extremely widespread, because the player has all of the goods, and seems dedicated to the craft. With him roaming the field, San Francisco 49ers merchandise is starting to rise back to popularity once again.

After these two young players, a good deal of the San Francisco 49ers jerseys sold are throwback jerseys. One of the most popular for 49ers throwback jerseys is none other then Joe Montana. Montana remains the gold standard for a fantastic quarterback and a proven winner, and his jersey will never go out of style.

Of course Joe Montana wasn't the only Hall of Fame quarterback to help lead the 49ers to glory. the other is Steve Young, and many people opt instead for a Steve Young throwback jersey. There's no right or wrong answer between these two, it has more to do with how old the fan is in most instances.

Needless to say, neither of those to men would be immortalized to this day in throwback San Francisco 49ers jerseys without Jerry Rice. The best receiver of all time has records that the other greats won't even get a chance to sniff. The ultimate worker and the premier route runner and play maker of his generation, Jerry Rice jerseys will always be widespread.

While this represents the most popular collection of San Francisco 49ers jerseys, you can check out our complete collection of various pieces of San Francisco 49ers apparel for many more choices.