How do I know if I'm buying an authentic NFL jersey?


Authentic NFL jerseys might be the single most popular sports item sold in the United States. After all, the NFL is the most popular sports league in the country, and we all have our own favorite teams and players. Nothing says you're a real fan like sporting some authentic NFL jerseys with your buddies while catching the game. The problem is that with this popularity, comes the risk of being tricked into buying counterfeit, poor quality NFL jerseys.
It's important to be able to quickly differentiate between a high quality, cheap NFL jersey and a rip off, poor quality cheap one. While I'm not telling anybody to take out a microscope and start inspecting tiny aspects of pictures and screenshots, there are some easy ways that can save you plenty of time and worry.
Tip 1: All NFL authentic jerseys are made by Reebok. Any currently produced NFL jersey that is not made by Reebok isn't authentic.
Tip 2: Reebok NFL jerseys come in three different quality tiers. These are:
Authentic: Authentic Reebok NFL jerseys are the highest quality, and therefore you can expect to pay the highest price. Perhaps the easiest way to differentiate Authentic Reebok NFL jerseys from others of a lower quality is the appearance of the numbers. The numbers on Authentic Reebok NFL jerseys are multilayered cloth pieces, stitched onto the jersey; this is called “tackle twill”.
Premier Replica: Premier Replica Reebok NFL jerseys are also known as replithentic by some people. These jerseys are going to still have an excellent quality and are more of a bargain buy than those looking to have every single detail exact. Again, go back to those numbers to tell the difference between the quality of NFL jersey that you're looking at. With Reebok Premier Replica NFL jerseys, the numbers are still going to stitched on, but they won't be multilayered as were the numbers on the Authentic Reebok NFL jerseys.

Replica: Replica Reebok NFL jerseys, or Screen Print Replica Reebok NFL jerseys are the cheapest genuine variety that you can purchase. These don't feature stitched on numbers, rather the numbers are screen printed onto the jersey material, hence the name. These serve the general purpose of owning an NFL team jersey, but won't be mistaken as being authentic or top level by anybody.

Tip 3: Reebok NFL jerseys are one of the few things we can find that aren't made in China! Reebok does use international factories, but none of the authentic Reebok NFL jerseys are made in China.
Tip 4: There's a difference between finding bargain priced and authentic NFL jerseys and finding jerseys that are suspiciously too cheap. If something is so ridiculously cheap in comparison to everything else, it will definitely be of a lesser quality and not be authentic. That holds up for everything in life, not just NFL jerseys. And some people are fine buying knockoff NFL jerseys, just as some people are fine buying imitation purses or perfumes. Just be aware ahead of time that you will be getting what you pay for in the long run.

Now go ahead and use these tips to help distinguish between Authentic Reebok NFL jerseys and imitation NFL jerseys of a lower quality!