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Wes Welker New England Patriots Jersey - Size 50

Wes Welker New England Patriots Jersey - Size 50

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Over the last few years, few jerseys have taken off in popularity more than Wes Welker jerseys. Authentic Wes Welker Patriots jerseys are now one of the most popular pieces of apparel and merchandise in New England. It's easy to see why with his production and level of play.

Before moving to the New England Patriots, Welker was a special teamer and low visibility receiver with the Miami Dolphins. That means that he didn't receive much attention on the highlight reels or from other teams. However, the Patriots had to face him twice every season, and they knew what he was capable of.

So they brought him onto the team and then Welker instantly rose to the national spotlight. Wes Welker jerseys began being bought up by tons of fans, because here was this blue collar, unheralded guy that was absolutely lighting up the opposition. Welker catches 100 balls per season like it isn't even a problem.

He's the ideal version of a possession receiver and a slot receiver, which means he has great hands and instincts and he's willing to go up the middle and catch balls in short yardage situations, especially when the chains need to be moved. However with his speed and skills he's much more than that, he's one of the premier play makers on the team. While Tom Brady and Randy Moss might generate more publicity, Welker gets the job done week in and week out, and his numbers tell the story.

If you're looking for something new, check out an authentic Wes Welker Patriots jersey. He gets the job done in crunch time for the team, and he's one of the most consistent offensive threats in the league. Show your support with a new discount Wes Welker jersey today.