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Troy Polamalu jerseys are some of the most popular jerseys in Pittsburgh. And this is coming from a city and a region where the Steelers are like gods, and all of the fans have at least one jersey if not more. So one question about authentic Polamalu jerseys remiains.

What is Troy Polamalu known more for, the ferocious hits and intense play as a Pittsburgh Steelers safety? Or is it that crazy, long hair? Either way, Steelers fans love Polamalu and they show their respect for his ability by wearing en masse authentic Troy Polamalu jerseys.
There is no play of a game that Troy Polamalu rests. No opponent or situation that he takes likely. No time that goes by that he is not preparing to give it his all for his team and the legion of Steelers fans across the country.

How many games has Polamalu helped to win almost single-handedly? How many big plays can one player make? No matter what the situation, you can count on him to be there. He can intercept the ball, make a huge sack, stuff the run and make an open field tackle against a down field player. He's more than just a safety valve, he's a key to victory.
And that's the real reason why so many people own a Troy Polamalu jersey. The guy isn't just a great talent, he's a great teammate. He's not just a great athlete, he's hard working. He represents everything that the people in the Steel Town love and strive towards. If you love his style of his play and the caliber of player that he is, then pick up an authentic Troy Polamalu jersey today.