Tony Romo Jerseys


Tony Romo has done things in his brief stint as starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys that have amazed the fans, his teammates and even owner Jerry Jones. As a result, finally feeling they have a replacement for Troy Aikman, Cowboys fans have been buying Tony Romo jerseys like they are going to stop producing them soon!
While that won't be a problem, Tony Romo jerseys will continue to become more and more popular. Now that the NFL knows Tony Romo is a real star quarterback, they don't take him and the Cowboys lightly. In fact, they treat the Cowboys game like it will be one of the toughest of the season.

Forget for a minute all of the tabloid hype and all of the authentic Tony Romo jerseys you see in the stands. The popularity and the media frenzy all started with his great play. He can use some more consistency, sure, but his still untapped potential is huge.

There has been some moving and shaking in terms of the players that Romo has to work with. While the T.O. relationship first seemed to be great, it quickly soured. Owens was then released, and that means Romo will have to focus more on his other targets and use the help of the running game to produce.
Now it's up to Tony Romo if he can play through these challenges and tough games and come out victorious. If he can, Tony Romo jerseys will be solid in Dallas for decades. The question for Romo is not if he can be successful but it's how successful and consistent can he be? If you're looking to support the quarterback of your Dallas Cowboys, find an authentic Tony Romo jersey here.