Steve Smith Jerseys

Steve Smith jerseys can be found all throughout the Carolinas. That's because the guy is a huge play maker, and his talent seems to have no bounds when he's in his groove. While he may be overlooked as one of the best receivers in the game, Panthers fans wearing their authentic Panthers Steve Smith jerseys know what the guy is capable of.

You can bet that opposing defenses know as well. Lots of wide receivers have to be paid attention to, and surely plenty of them need to be double teamed. But you really have to devote your entire game plan towards trying to stop Steve Smith.

He's fast, he's explosive and he can catch the ball anywhere on the field. Even when you prepare for all of that he still seems to be able to get past your defense and make the big play. He's a huge threat for the Panthers offense, and NFL fans that don't list him as one of the best wide receivers in the league simply don't know what they're talking about.

Don't let the size fool you either. Most prototypical wide receivers are over six feet tall. However, Smith breaks that trend and it makes him even better, because he can get lost in the field amongst all of the other players. One second you have him, and then the next you don't and he's down field with the ball flying to him about to make a huge play.

An authentic Steve Smith jersey is a great purchase if you're a Carolina Panthers fan. The guy shows up to play, and he wants to win incredibly bad. Now on offense he has help from stars such as DeAngelo Williams. That means you can expect Smith to be putting up even better numbers in the future. Browse our selection of Steve Smith Panthers jerseys and take one home today.