Sidney Rice Jersey for Sale

With Sidney Rice being one of the huge breakout players of the 2009 NFL season, Sidney Rice jerseys are now extremely popular and widespread in Minnesota and the surrounding area. With Brett Favre throwing him the ball, Rice had one of the best  years of anybody in the entire league, and it looks like there is plenty more to come in the future.

When Rice was drafted, people knew that he had some great athleticism, which is why he was such a high draft pick to begin with. But after some setbacks and injuries, it looked like perhaps he wouldn't develop into anything special.

But then came in Favre, and Rice meanwhile had been studying up the playbook and getting healthy. Now everyone wearing an authentic Sidney Rice jersey is bragging that they knew all along the player would be the goods.

What he has shown now is not just athleticism and size - and he has both in abundance. He has also shown a mastery for running precise routes, using his body and size to his advantage, getting open and reeling in hard to grab, highlight reel catches. For all of these reasons, discount Sidney Rice jerseys have been selling extraordinarily well, and you can be he'll be a mainstay in Minnesota for some time to come.

He's the best receiver the team has had since the Randy Moss and Cris Carter days. He's young, and he's only getting started reaching his potential. That means now is a perfect time to buy a discount Sidney Rice jersey and add it to your collection of Vikings apparel and merchandise.