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Reebok Miami Dolphins #23 Ronnie Brown Jersey XL

Reebok Miami Dolphins #23 Ronnie Brown Jersey XL

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Ronnie Brown jerseys are taking off in popularity, and it's not just because of the Wildcat formation. Sure, that has led to some big plays for Brown and has also enabled him to throw the ball and help the team in other unique ways. He has certainly ended up on Sportscenter more as a result. However, the Wildcat in the long run actually causes Brown's production to go down, because he has to split more carries and time.

Miami Dolphins fans have to wonder if the Wildcat is going to continue to work in the long run as well. While it took the league by storm and other teams quickly started to copy it, now teams are going to be prepared for it much better. Without the surprise, can it still be successful?

Fans wearing their Ronnie Brown jerseys know however that regardless of the Wildcat, they have a top flight running back on their team. Since Brown has come into the league after splitting carries at Auburn with Cadillac Williams, he has been a consistent and explosive threat as long as he has been healthy, and had a bit of help around him. With more star talent on the offensive side of the ball for the Dolphins now than ever before, Brown is going to continue to excel.

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