Reggie Bush Jerseys


When Reggie Bush came out of USC, many people thought he would be an immediate superstar in the NFL. Others thought, and have still be thinking, that he'd be a complete bust. Well in the last two seasons Reggie Bush has really made himself into a top level performer in the NFL, and is a threat for a touchdown any time he touches the ball.
That's why Reggie Bush jerseys have been so popular lately. He always had the star appeal, and now he's backing it up on the field by making big plays in big moments. He might not be a between the back, power running back. But he is a dual threat player that has lightning quick speed.

One of the things that Bush has changed is stopped always trying for the huge play and the great highlight. In the NFL, you simply cannot try to do that on every play. You need to hold onto the ball, get the yards that you can and then when the opportunity strikes, take advantage of it with a big gain. Adjusting to this kind of game took some time for Bush, who was used to being simply a better athlete than everyone else on the field in college.
Reggie Bush jerseys are only going to continue to get more and more popular as his playing ability continues to catch up to his star power. He's figuring things out, and he knows what he is capable of. If you're a New Orleans Saints fan, you can't go wrong with an authentic Reggie Bush jersey.