New England Patriots Randy Moss Jerseys


If Randy Moss was the stock market, he crashed down and lost all of his value just a few years ago. But, if you wait out the stock market, it will always rebound (that's good news for everybody right now too)! And so the New England Patriots made one of the biggest trade steals of all time and acquired Randy Moss for a low round draft pick. Since then, Randy Moss Patriots jerseys have been flying off the shelves because Randy Moss and his stock value have been soaring!
You can't defend the actions that Randy Moss has taken throughout his career. He has clearly tried harder in situations where he can win and get a lot of production. In other situations, his effort has been lacking. But you can't argue with the man's talent.
Randy Moss is a supremely talented football player and when he's focused, he's at the top of the heap. And that's what being in New England has done for him, and that's why Patriots fans have taken to him so much, wearing authentic Randy Moss jerseys all over Boston and throughout New England. With Tom Brady and the rest of the Patriots around him, Randy Moss isn't the only talented guy. That means he's accountable, and it also means that technically, he's expandable.
As long as he believes that, we'll be seeing Randy Moss in a Patriots jersey for a long time to come. But you don't want to wait to long to pickup your authentic Randy Moss Patriots jersey. Strike while the iron is hot and he's still one of the biggest receiving threats in the league. You're sure to impress with your new Patriots Randy Moss jersey.