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Philip Rivers Jersey

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Fans of the San Diego Chargers love wearing Philip Rivers jerseys. He has finally emerged not just as a very good quarterback, but as one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. With the cast of talent he has around him, including LaDainian Tomlinson and Antonio Gates, he is sure to keep piling up the yards, touchdowns and most importantly, the wins.

An authentic Philip Rivers jersey was always a hot item in San Diego. The Chargers of course originally tried drafting Eli Manning, and after that didn't work out they then went ahead and traded for Rivers. Then Rivers was also holding out and it seemed there could be trouble signing him. Once he got to the club, incumbent Drew Brees was already there and was playing on a high level already.

However, he has managed to overcome all of these obstacles and now he is a Pro Bowl quarterback and he is the leader of the San Diego Chargers. He has the arm to make any kind of throw, and he has the mindset to help his team out in any situation.

Opponents have sometimes been rubbed the wrong way by Rivers and his in your face attitude. However, fans and teammates have to love it, and it's another reason that Philip Rivers jerseys have become so popular. The guy clearly wants to win, and would do anything to do that. He's competitive and he's driven, and that's what you need to succeed at the highest levels, whether in the NFL or anywhere else.

The San Diego Chargers have a bright future ahead of them with Rivers at the helm. If you don't have one yet, be sure to pick up an authentic Philip Rivers jersey for your collection today.