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Miles Austin Cowboys jerseys are some of the most popular items for Cowboys fans right now. Nobody had more of a breakout 2009 NFL season than Austin, who burst onto the scene from near obscurity to be one of the biggest deep threats in the receiving game across the league. That's why a discount Miles Austin jersey is such a great purchase.

The Dallas Cowboys aren't new to great wide receivers. There was Michael Irvin, and of course until recently some guy named T.O. What those guys had in common, along with player Roy Williams who was also brought to the team recently, was that they talked and created drama as much as they made plays, and sometimes even more frequently.

Well that couldn't be farther from the truth for Miles Austin, which is another reason why discount Miles Austin jerseys are so popular in Dallas. He doesn't talk a lot of trash or create a lot of conflict. He just runs his routes, makes the big catches and helps the team out all game long.

He earned his way into the starting lineup and into the number 1 receiving threat through hard work and dedication, not prima donna status. He made big catches and broke huge, game winning plays when the Cowboys needed them. That's how he became a trusted and valued member of the team, and that's exactly where he will be for some time to come.

So if you're a fan of the Dallas Cowboys and you're looking for some new apparel and merchandise, look no further than an authentic Miles Austin jersey. The guy is going to develop into an even better player than he already is, and he just goes about his business without a lot of fuss. That's something everyone in Dallas can appreciate, and that's why discount Miles Austin jerseys are so popular right now.