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Michael strahan jersey

Michael strahan jersey

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The long and decorated career of Michael Strahan has finally come to a close as he retired after winning the Super Bowl with the New York Giants. He could not have chosen a better time to leave the NFL, after the greatest accomplishment of his career.

Just because he's now retired, it doesn't mean you can't still rock a Michael Strahan jersey. You know authentic Strahan jerseys will always be popular in the New York area. For a long time he was the best player and the biggest face of the franchise.
He has always been a fan favorite on the Giants, as you can tell from watching any broadcast of a Giants game and seeing Michael Strahan jerseys littering the screen. And Strahan always had the individual numbers. He had even been to the Super Bowl before, along with who knows, maybe a dozen Pro Bowls.
But he never had that championship. But with his guidance, a great defensive unit led the underdog New York Giants all the way to the top of the NFL world. He has mentored standout young talents like Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora. That will be his legacy as much as his own staggering sack totals and of course, the Super Bowl.
Michael Strahan jerseys will always be popular in New Jersey and New York. Giants fans don't forget their greats, and Strahan was as great as they come. If you're thinking about picking up some some new gear, don't overlook a throwback or authentic Michael Strahan jersey.