Maurice Jones-Drew Jerseys

Fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars have been buying up Maurice Jones-Drew jerseys all over the place. The young running back has made an impact on the team in a major way, and he's now the centerpiece of the offensive attack. With the offense living or diving under his quick and powerful legs, an authentic Jones-Drew jersey is now the hot item.

When Jones-Drew first came into the league he was splitting time with running back Fred Taylor. Taylor had at that point been with Jacksonville for his entire career and he was probably the best, or at least one of the best players in franchise history. However, even with Taylor ahead of him Jones-Drew still found ways to make an impact on the game.

He's lethal in the return game because of his speed and quickness. Additionally, his small size actually works to his benefit because he can hide behind blockers and seemingly get lost amidst the mess during a play. Combined with his athleticism, it enables him to make huge plays and he's always a threat to score a touchdown. From these performances alone, Maurice Jones-Drew jerseys began becoming popular.

From there however he began seeing more action in the offense. He can catch the ball from the backfield or he can run it. And as mentioned, he's always a threat to unleash the big play. He can truly score from anywhere on the field, which is why so many fans are picking up their authentic Maurice Jones-Drew jersey.

Now, he's the man on the team, and he'll be getting all the carries and seeing all of the action. If his production increases to match his increased work load, he could be putting up some amazing numbers.

If you're a fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars then you know all about how great of a player Jones-Drew is. So show your support for him and for the time, and join the legions of Jaguars fans wearing Maurice Jones-Drew jerseys.