Matthew Stafford Jerseys - Detroit Lions Matt Stafford Jersey

When the number one pick became a done deal, and Matthew Stafford Lions jerseys began to be sold, already people were buzzing with expectations, as well as some people buzzing with doubt. After all, the Detroit Lions have had their fair share of top draft picks in the last five to ten years. And almost none of them, besides Calvin Johnson, have worked out.

So why should you go out and pick up your very own Detroit Lions Matt Stafford jersey? Because this guy seems to have all of the physical and mental qualities that are necessary to make it on the grandest stage, the NFL. He has dealt with expectations in every stop of his career, as he was the highest touted recruit in his college class when he went to Georgia.

Additionally, he'll enter the league already having a number 1 wide receiver to throw the ball to. Calvin Johnson and Matt Stafford are going to get to know each other very well, very quickly to be sure. With Stafford having that kind of relief in the form of one of the best receivers in the game, his development should progress much quicker than players in other situations.

The league has also seen some other young quarterbacks come in and play with immediate success in the last few years. From Ben Roethlisberger, to Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan. So that means you shouldn't worry about making a small purchase of a new Lions Matt Stafford jersey. He has the tools, some solid help and other young quarterbacks have been succeeding as well.

Matthew Stafford jerseys are going to continue to increase in popularity once he really proves what he is made of in the NFL. Don't expect it to be instantly great, but you can bank on Matt Stafford Lions jerseys being top sellers for quite some time to come as he develops into a star.