Matt Forte Jerseys - Chicago Bears Matt Forte Jersey

The Chicago Bears have a history of having bad luck with some of their high draft choices. That's why everyone is already rushing out for their new, authentic Bears Matt Forte jersey, because this is a player that seems like he can live up to and exceed his hype.

It seems like it was just recently when the Bears thought they had their running back of the future with Cedric Benson. Instead, they got another flame out who couldn't hack it in a town that has seen the likes of Walter Payton and Gale Sayers.

While it would be silly to start comparing Forte to players of that stature, what he has already shown as been quite promising. Plus, with the addition of Jay Cutler to the team, Forte is going to have much more help on offense now. He will be facing a much more relaxed defensive front than he was used to, which will free him up for bigger plays and more yardage.

Matt Forte jerseys are popular in Chicago and throughout the region because the guy is a workhorse. He doesn't talk a lot and then fail to back it up, he just goes out there and performs. That's what Chicago fans are looking for, and that's what they get from Forte.

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