Mark Sanchez Jerseys - Authentic Mark Sanchez Jets Jersey

Mark Sanchez jerseys are being purchased up in huge supplies by fans of the New York Jets. How can that be possible, for a young player with as little experience as he has? It's because he has created this sense of excitement and energy around the team that hasn't been felt in an extremely long time.

Lifelong New York Jets fans will tell you the only other time in team history when this level of excitement for the future was felt was when Joe Namath was drafted. Namath of course was another big armed, talented quarterback with all of the looks and charm to make it not just on the football field, but also down on Madison Avenue and anywhere else.

Mark Sanchez jerseys being sold as they are signal the exact same thing. The kid has all of the makings of a huge star as long as he can back it up on the field. What he showed at USC certainly indicates that he can do just that.

Not only that, but the Jets drafting him was somewhat of a surprise. They didn't seem like they would be able to get him, but all of the sudden they traded up in the draft and made a huge splash. They landed the big name, and in the process stirred up a lot of interest and excitement for the team's future. That's especially important with the move to the new stadium.

Don't be the last fan to have your new authentic Mark Sanchez Jets jersey. Get on the bandwagon early and support the likely face of the franchise for the next decade. Whether you're a man, a woman or a kid, Mark Sanchez jerseys can be great for anybody.