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Lendale White USC Autographed Jersey

Lendale White USC Autographed Jersey

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LenDale White jerseys are spreading all throughout Tennessee and the entire region for Titans fans. Tennessee Titans fans have been spoiled a little bit over the last decade in terms of their running backs. Of course Eddie George was there and was one of the dominant backs in the league for about a decade.

Now, fans can choose their favorite between a LenDale White jersey or a Chris Johnson jersey, the other half of the split backfield. Johnson is the speedy back that can outrun anybody and can turn any play into a touchdown. White is the guy that takes care of business between the tackles, punishing defenders and gaining the tough yardage.

So why should you join the group of Titans fans wearing LenDale White jerseys instead of his backfield mate Johnson? Well, fans are really excited because the presence of Johnson has actually made White a much better running back.

For one thing, he now has somebody to split up the workload. That means that he doesn't have to be out there for every single play and he can be fresh when the team needs him late in the game. For another thing, Johnson has pushed White to work and try harder, and to get into better shape. White realized that with that kind of talent around, he couldn't slack off or he could end up losing his spot.

If you remember, LenDale White was at his best when he was half of that amazing USC backfield that also had speedster Reggie Bush. So it shouldn't be any surprise that White is at his best once again.

So are you on the LenDale White jersey side of the fence? If you are, you'll find that plenty of people agree with you. All fans of the Tennessee Titans appreciate that hard nose, in your face, punishing style of football. So join them in their support and make some noise with the fans sporting authentic LenDale White jerseys.