Jay Cutler Bears Jerseys


Jay Cutler was traded away from the Denver Broncos and is now on the Chicago Bears. What is one team's loss is another team's gain, and the Bears couldn't be happier to have Cutler on board.

Chicago Bears Jay Cutler jerseys have been flying off of the shelves. He is the best quarterback the team has had in decades, and fills a massive void that was the weak spot on the team. With a young running back at his side and a still solid defensive unit, Cutler and the Bears could go far.
When Jay Cutler has been healthy, he has been a great NFL quarterback. His diagnosis of diabetes was something that had the potential to end his career but instead gave him added confidence and energy as he finally knew what he could target to improve his feeling.
Now Jay Cutler is in charge of the way he feels and the way he plays, and that's a scary thing for opposing defenses. That right there is why Bears fans are already wearing Jay Cutler jerseys. He gives a sense of hope and promise to the entire city of Chicago in his ability to lead to the team to a Super Bowl one day. That young man is fighting his own battle off the field and fighting for the team on it, and the fans love him for it.

So is Cutler the savior that the Bears have been waiting for? He just might be, and either way he has more talent than the Bears have had line up at quarterback for years. Pick up your own Jay Cutler Bears jersey today.