Pittsburgh Steelers James Harrison Jersey

James Harrison jerseys have become extremely popular as Harrison has evolved into one of the best and brightest defensive football stars in the game. He has truly reached a pinnacle among all athletes, and his story is amazing.

He has now won the 2008 Defensive Player of the Year award coming off an amazing season leading the Steelers stingy defensive unit. To make that even better, he ran back an interception in the Super Bowl a full 100 yards as the first half expired to score a touchdown and help his team win the game. As if it couldn't get any better than that, he signed a huge contract extension that will keep him in Pittsburgh for many years while making him a very wealthy man.

Consider that Harrison was not a first round draft pick, or a highly touted prospect. He wasn't even drafted at all! He had to work his way into the league through dedication and effort and wasn't handed anything. He paid his dues on the Steelers special teams unit until he emerged as a defensive star. This makes James Harrison jerseys even more popular, because his story is truly amazing!

James Harrison will continue to be a major force on the Steelers defense for years to come. What more does he have to prove though? He's certainly already made his mark, but you can rest assured he's out to keep on getting better and keep on winning more championships. His story is truly inspirational, and a James Harrison jersey would make a great purchase for any Steelers fan.