Brett Favre Titans Throwback Jersey


Last season the New York Jets showed off their throwback Titans jersey during a regular season game. And with legend Brett Favre on the team, lots of people immediately wanted throwback Favre Titans jerseys.
The New York Jets Titans Favre jerseys might be the single most popular NFL jersey across the entire NFL right now. The reason for this might be because of how unique they are.
The jerseys are a throwback to a time when college football was more popular than the pro football leagues, and the pro football leagues took their cues from the college ranks. So, the throwback New York Jets Titans jersey looks much more like what you would imagine a college team to have than a team in the NFL today.

Even though Favre has moved on after only a season with the Jets, a Favre Titans jersey is still a great pick up. It's vintage, and Favre is a Hall of Fame player, so why not? It was a fun season, and the jerseys themselves are great items. Favre is a throwback kind of player, and so the throwback jersey look is perfect.
The colors are also unlike what the New York Jets have on their current jersey. Green and white are nowhere to be seen, in place of yellows and blues. Pick up your throwback Favre Titans jersey while they last, great for a gift, even if it's for yourself!