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Eli Manning auto & jersey immaculate 2 2 super rare!!

Eli Manning auto & jersey immaculate 2 2 super rare!!

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Little brother, under-achiever, never-was, those are all terms that Super Bowl winning quarterback Eli Manning can forget about being thrown at him every day of his young life. That's why Eli Manning jerseys are so popular right now, he grew up right in front of the eyes of all New York Giants fans and the entire NFL as well.
Eli Manning proved himself to be a dedicated, big-game, clutch player in the Super Bowl. And fans all across New York and beyond are gobbling up Eli Manning jerseys to celebrate. The Super Bowl MVP makes a great choice as a present for any fan of the New York Giants.

Now Elli Manning has a huge new contract to work with, and the expectations have been set to an even higher level. Manning has to prove once again that he can lead a team all the way to the promised land, or else he'll always be hearing those overrated, under-achiever terms tossed around for the rest of his career.

The question now will be if Eli Manning can sustain his success and live up to the hundreds of thousands of Eli Manning jerseys that have flooded the country! Don't make any mistake about it, he's the leader of the football team.

He is long past earning the respect of his teammates, and winning the support of very fickle New York fans. But the work is never over, and if you're wearing an authentic Eli Manning jersey, you want to see him continually raising the bar and leading the team to the postseason.