Authentic Donovan McNabb Redskins Jerseys - Washington Redskins Donovan McNabb Jersey

The unquestioned leader of the Washington Redskins is Donovan McNabb. Donovan McNabb jerseys had been extremely popular all in and around Philly because of his stellar quarterback play for the team for over a decade. But now he's a member of his formal hated rivals the Redskins. When he's healthy and he has weapons around him, McNabb shines as one of the absolute best quarterbacks in the league.

Donovan McNabb jerseys used to be worn by some fans who have a bit of a love/hate relationship with him. They love and respect McNabb, and obviously support him when he does well. But they are quick to react to comments in the media that are viewed as complaining, and for falling up short in the biggest opportunities to help the Eagles win a Super Bowl.

Now though he has been traded, and Washington Redskins Donovan McNabb jerseys are what's popular. He's getting a fresh start and another chance to succeed, and I'm sure he'll be putting his best effort into the game. Especially when he gets a chance to torment his old team, and his old detractors, twice per season.

Fans just would love to see the Redskins win it all. Well, now if you're looking for authentic Redskins Donovan McNabb jerseys you should be thrilled to see all of the weapons he has around him. The Redskins are a talented team and they needed a leader, and now they have one.

Washington Redskins Donovan McNabb jerseys will remain one of the most popular sports apparel items in and around Washington for quite some time, as his old rivals have taken to their new star.