Clinton Portis Jerseys

Who is Clinton Portis? The dominating NFL running back? The jokester behind his crazy press conferences? One of the many characters he dresses up as at those press conferences? Clinton Portis, everything put aside, is a premier NFL player and beloved Redskins player, which is why his Clinton Portis jersey continues to be a top seller.

Portis seems like a guy you would want to hang out with and get to know. He's loyal to his team, he knows how to have fun but at the end of the day he's all about winning and playing good football. These are all reasons why Clinton Portis jerseys are so popular in and around Washington D.C.
When Portis first arrived in Washington there were some doubts to how good he would be. The Broncos have been famous for churning out running backs regardless of how talented they truly were. Well, it's safe to say that Clinton Portis has more than proven himself.
Even diehard Skins fans could not have hoped for Portis to be as good as he has been. He is amongst the top level of NFL running backs and with the ball in his hands, anything can happen. Not only that, but Portis might be the best blocking running back in the league, and he tries his hardest for the team.
As such, Redskins fans continually support him with authentic Clinton Portis jerseys. You're supporting not just a great NFL player, but a great personality, a team player, and yes, a huge character.