Champ Bailey Jerseys

Fans of the Denver Broncos are wearing authentic Champ Bailey jerseys in record numbers. It's a rare occasion when a quarterback gains that kind of recognition on an NFL team, because usually there are other stars that gobble up the spotlight. However, this has become the exception to the rule.

One reason for why a Champ Bailey jersey is the go-to item for fans of the Denver Broncos is that the guy is flat out an excellent cornerback. He's a true shutdown cornerback, which means he can take the opposing team's number 1 weapon completely out of the game. If you dare throw in his direction you can pick you off and start taking the ball in the other direction as well.

However, another reason why Champ Bailey jerseys are so widespread throughout Denver and the area right now is because the team hasn't held onto any of its other stars. The team has produced seemingly dozens of star running backs in the last decade, but because of injury, trades and free agency none of them stayed with the club. That's how Bailey got to the Broncos after all, the club traded Clinton Portis for him.

In addition to the running backs coming in and out of vogue with the team, the club then traded the supposed quarterback of the future, Jay Cutler. With these kinds of stars off the team, the guy that remains is Bailey, and that's the second reason why so many fans have purchased an authentic or discount Champ Bailey jersey.

If you're a Denver Broncos fans and you don't know where to turn for your next piece of merchandise, then consider an authentic Champ Bailey jersey. One of the longest standing stars on the team, and a shutdown cornerback, Champ Bailey jerseys are popular for many reasons.