Carson Palmer Jerseys

If you're a fan of the Cincinnati Bengals, then there is a decent chance you already own an authentic Carson Palmer jersey. Carson Palmer jerseys were gobbled up by fans everywhere when he was drafted from USC. Here was the Heisman trophy winning quarterback, filled with talent and potential coming to your team. A team that has been mired in poor play for decades.

Then he sat for an entire season, and everyone could not have been more anxious to see him get on the field and play. Well, nobody was disappointed when Palmer finally did get to the field. In fact, more Carson Palmer jerseys began being sold as everyone realized he was the real deal.

It seemed that everyone had picked up their own Carson Palmer jersey to show their support. However, after some amazing progress in Cincinnati that had fans believing their nightmares were ever, Palmer was struck by injury. Since then he has missed significant time and has batted various injuries. When he has been healthy he still has been great, however the injuries mounted up and took their toll.

Now however, all fans wearing Carson Palmer jerseys seem relaxed as all signs are pointing to the quarterback being as healthy as ever. Regardless of the rest of the team, a healthy Palmer at quarterback gives the club a chance to win. And with some of the offensive talent he has to work with, he'll still be able to light up the scoreboard and wear out opposing defenses.

It's not too late to get your own authentic Carson Palmer jersey. Many fans already have been, but Carson Palmer jerseys are popular for a reason, he's a true franchise quarterback and he can lead the team to amazing places if he remains healthy.