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Detroit Lions New Calvin Johnson XXL Jersey

Detroit Lions New Calvin Johnson XXL Jersey

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It seemed that in Detroit, the Lions were just going to keep on picking one receiver after the other without stopping. However, when Detroit Lions Calvin Johnson jerseys became immediately available after his drafting, many people thought that this one would turn out better than the others. And boy, has he ever surpassed the other Lions receivers taken in the years before he was.

Wearing a Detroit Lions Calvin Johnson jersey is justifying the use of the high draft pick on the wide receiver. He has freakish athleticism, a big body to make plays anywhere on the field and he has learned the NFL game very quickly. Now Johnson, the Lions and the fans are even more excited because for the first time in his career he is going to have a high caliber quarterback with a big arm to work with.

The Lions wisely drafted Matthew Stafford, and now Calvin Johnson is going to have a chance to put up much better numbers before. Of course, Calvin Johnson jerseys are so popular because the Lions don't have many other marquee players. That means that Johnson and Stafford don't have a lot of help, and they need improvement at just about every position. This will certainly take time to do, but once these two talented players start clicking then other teams are going to be in big trouble.

If you're ready to renew your fan status with the Lions after the unspeakable 0-16 season, a great place to start is with an authentic Calvin Johnson jersey.