Brian Urlacher Jerseys

Brian Urlacher has been one of the best linebackers the NFL has seen in recent years. And if it wasn't for a guy named Ray Lewis, he would be hands down the best linebacker playing in the 2000s. Either way, Chicago Bears fans love and support Urlacher - and show it by wearing his Urlacher jersey - not just because of his talent but because of the way he plays the game.
Brian Urlacher represents focus, determination and effort. He studies the game, he learns tendencies and patterns and he takes advantage of them when they play out in a game. He doesn't just succeed based off of size, strength or speed; although he has plenty of all of that.

In fact, he has commented that when he was a rookie and a young player he basically just ran around the field. Yes, he made a lot of plays, but he also missed other opportunities and potentially hurt the team in some situations. As fans wearing authentic Brian Urlacher jerseys today know, he has matured quite a bit since then. Instead of athleticism, he's well versed and knowledgeable and he can always be counted on to make the right play.
Urlacher jerseys litter the stands of Soldier Field and all of Chicago because Urlacher is a blue collar player that people can relate to. Sure, he ends up as the hero but he doesn't demand attention, he commands it and lets his play making do the talking. Pick up your own authentic Brian Urlacher jersey today.