Drew Brees Jerseys

Drew Brees jerseys are a huge seller in New Orleans and in the surrounding area of the Gulf. It's pretty easy to see why, too. Of course, he's an excellent quarterback and he helps the Saints win games. In truth though, so many fans sport an authentic Drew Brees jersey for more than just that.

People weren't completely sold on him when he came to the Saints because of some injuries. However, he has completely erased that from their memories. Each and every season he has been putting up absolutely huge numbers. Numbers that are mind boggling even for the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Adding a Drew Brees jersey to your collection is giving you just that, a chance at supporting your team's quarterback, one of the league's best.

But the real reason why Drew Brees jerseys are so popular all throughout the region? It's because the guy cares, and he shows that he cares not just by saying it or by filming a commercial. Instead, he gets down to the communities and helps rebuild them following the Katrina disaster. He engages with the members of the city that he sees. He lives in New Orleans, he makes his presence felt and he's proud to do so.

It's all out of genuine kindness and caring, and you can see that Brees really feels that New Orleans is his home. Not just because he's the Pro Bowl quarterback of the Saints, but because he's a part of the city's and the region's fabric, down to it's core.

That's the real reason why Drew Brees jerseys are so popular. The guy helps out the community, and helping the team win football games is just a plus on top of that. Show him your support by picking up an authentic New Orleans Saints Drew Brees jersey today.