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Minnesota Vikings Brett Favre Jersey

Minnesota Vikings Brett Favre Jersey

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It seemed like all of the back and forth drama would never end, but at the end of the day, the Brett Favre Vikings jerseys are rolling off the presses and the quarterback is slotted up to try to lead the team to a Super Bowl championship. If you're a Vikings fan that has been waiting for a top level QB to come in and lead the team, that time has finally arrived.

So how did we get to this point, with the number 4 Minnesota Vikings Brett Favre jersey being officially worn by the all-time great? Well, after initially retiring from the New York Jets, Favre said he would come back to the Vikings if healthy enough. He then canceled that plan, saying he would retire officially.

Then just a few days later he got up and shouted, buy your Brett Favre Vikings jerseys today, I'm back! Well, in so many words of course. It was another reversal of opinion for Favre, but Vikings fans don't seem to care. When you add him to an offense that has Adrian Peterson, you are creating a very dynamic team.

So the question everyone in their new Brett Favre Vikings jerseys is asking is how much can he help the team, and can he stay healthy? The club hopes that Peterson's presence will take a lot of the pressure off of him, allowing him to take advantage of one-on-one coverages, while avoiding being hit very often.

Additionally, with a strong defense in place, Favre won't have to light up the scoreboard every game. He just needs to provide a reliable passing threat, which he is more than capable of. Vikings fans...the roller coaster of the Favre signing is over, but the fun is sure to just be beginning. Pick up a brand new Vikings Brett Favre jersey today!