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RBK NY Jets Braylon Edwards NFL Jersey (Size: XL)

RBK NY Jets Braylon Edwards NFL Jersey (Size: XL)

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Braylon Edwards Jets jerseys are now available since the wide receiver's sudden trade to New York. They were once very popular items around Cleveland,  but after some off the field incidents Edwards was shipped out. He has shown all of the makings of a star wide receiver. He has size and speed, he can make the big plays and of course he has that wide receiver swagger.

After his big breakout season, it seemed that everyone wanted an authentic Braylon Edwards jersey. He had put up some huge numbers and he helped lead the Browns on a surprisingly successful season. Edwards was becoming a star, and his name was everywhere, even in Olympics coverage as he had a bet with Michael Phelps that he would score two TD's for every Gold medal the swimmer had.

Things didn't work out quite so well for the Browns and Edwards in the 2008 season. The high expectations quickly were shattered in part due to injury and in part due to poor performance. Edwards didn't put up big numbers, and he made some costly mistakes.

However, don't let the down season fool you, Braylon Edwards Jets jerseys are still a great idea because he is still the real deal. Like most wide receivers however, he can't do everything by himself. He needs a consistent quarterback at the helm, and he needs somebody else on the team to help draw some coverage away from him.

With his move to the Jets, he has that quarterback that can get him the ball deep in Mark Sanchez. New York Jets Braylon Edwards jerseys are sure to be flying off the shelves in New York as Edwards begins to make his mark.

An authentic Braylon Edwards Jets jersey may be just what you need if you're a Jets fan looking to the future of the club. He's one of the brightest spots on a team that is suddenly filled with them. So join up with the rest of the fanatics in the and get your hands on brand new Braylon Edwards Jets jerseys today.