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Bob Sanders 21 Indianapolis Colts Reebok Blue Stitched Jersey Size XXL

Bob Sanders 21 Indianapolis Colts Reebok Blue Stitched Jersey Size XXL

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A few years ago if you asked all of your buddies, nobody would have known who Bob Sanders was. Well, I'd say that has changed now, with Bob Sanders jerseys being some of the most popular NFL merchandise items moving off the store shelves.
How did Bob Sanders rise to stardom so quickly? He combines an intense focus, and a reckless, hard hitting strategy that fans can't help but to love. The guy puts his body on the line, and he often pays the price.
In fact, some Indianapolis Colts fans might want him to play a little bit more controlled. Then maybe he would be injured a bit less often and would help the Colts win more games. But that's not how Bob Sanders play.

When you think about the Indianapolis Colts, you generally think about the offense. That's because the team has had a high powered attack for years behind Peyton Manning and some of the other offensive threats. However, in recent times, the defense has been just as important, and it was what enabled the Colts to finally win a Super Bowl.

Bob Sanders was one of the big reasons for that, and he continues to be a major force on defense for the Colts. Bob Sanders jerseys are growing more popular as he continues to assert himself as one of the premier safeties in the league.
Fans love Bob Sanders for that, and that's why they purchase authentic Bob Sanders jerseys. The guy is a wrecking ball on the field, and he'll take anybody out, including himself, to make a game saving tackle.