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Andre Johnson Texans Jersey Youth Medium

Andre Johnson Texans Jersey Youth Medium

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Fans of the Houston Texans have been sporting authentic Andre Johnson jerseys since his rookie year. He is a phenomenal football player. He has amazing size, speed and strength. He runs great routes and he makes big plays, and he's an intelligent player on the field.

Still, if you weren't a direct fan of the Texans than an authentic Andre Johnson jersey would never have been a thought for you. Great as he is, he never received much attention or publicity.

On the one hand, it's because the Texans were never that good, and he never had a great quarterback to get him the ball and help him to put up huge numbers. On the other hand, it's because he is never outspoken and never calls attention to himself. Unlike many of the prima donna wide receivers in the game, Johnson just does is job and does it fantastically. He doesn't need to do outlandish things on or off the field, because display his outlandish athleticism and skill set.

That's actually one of the reasons why Andre Johnson jerseys were so popular for Texans fans already. They respected his ability as well as his personality. Now that he has a solid quarterback getting him the ball, as he's continued to mature and develop into a stellar player, people around the rest of the country are finally picking up on how great he is. He might not be the biggest attention hog as far as wide receivers go, but he's on the very short list for the best wide receivers in the league.

All of this adds up to you needing to pick up an authentic Andre Johnson jersey for yourself. The time is ticking, you can either be the guy that hopped on the bandwagon too late, or you can be the real fan who was amongst the crowd wearing authentic Andre Johnson Texans jerseys before it was the cool thing to do.