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Minnesota Vikings Jersey Adrian Peterson #28

Minnesota Vikings Jersey Adrian Peterson #28

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It might not be too early to start calling Adrian Peterson the best running back in the entire NFL. Is that the reason why thousands of fans are wearing authentic Adrian Peterson jerseys all around the country? Probably so!
Adrian Peterson is quicker than he seems and he isn't afraid to run the ball on the inside. In fact, he loves it, and the guy is a bulldozer. As Adrian Peterson continues to prove himself as a player, his jersey is only going to get more and more popular.
The guy already has the single game rushing record, and if it wasn't for an injury in his rookie season, well, who knows what his total could have been! If Adrian Peterson can stay healthy for the prime of his very young career, then surely Adrian Peterson jerseys will be a main stay on the most popular list.

The guy is a truly special player, and he's a dynamic force. One of the things that makes him so special is his ability to find a hole in the offensive line, and then instantly burst through it. Those instincts, his vision and his quick reflexes help him stand above other running backs.

There are many talented running backs in the NFL, and certainly with all of the fans wearing an authentic Adrian Peterson jersey, they know he's one of them. At the end of the day, he may even be in a class all by himself. Show your support for the star running back of the Minnesota Vikings by choosing between our brand new Adrian Peterson jerseys.