Aaron Rodgers Jerseys

Aaron Rodgers jerseys can now be seen all throughout Green Bay, throughout Wisconsin and throughout the entire area. Packers fans have taken to their new franchise quarterback, after the long romance with Brett Favre.

Some ended that relationship with bitter feelings, others are still tied to him more than they could ever be tied to anybody else. But for every single sporting a Green Bay Packer Aaron Rodgers jersey, he's the real deal and he's more than good enough to be the team's starting quarterback.

It seemed like Aaron Rodgers jerseys would never make their long awaited splash onto the scene. He seemed destined to permanently be a backup to a quarterback and an icon who refused to retire, coming back year after year. However, once he did finally take over the starting job he didn't waste any time showing people what he was made of.

He has a big arm, he's accurate and he can make any kind of throw. He can put up big numbers, lead a team to victory and play through injury. All of this sounds very reminiscent of the guy he replaced. However, Rodgers has less of that gunslinger mentality, and more of a stable, intelligent approach to quarterbacking.

If you're looking for a new Green Bay Packer jersey, you may want to look into getting one with the new franchise quarterback's name. Aaron Rodgers jerseys are continuing to get more popular as he continues to exceed expectations.