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Champ Bailey Jerseys

Tom Brady Jerseys

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Special Editions

Brett Favre New York Titans Throwback Jerseys

Sean Taylor Jerseys - Rest in Peace Sean Taylor

Pat Tillman Jerseys - Rest in Peace Pat Tillman

Not all authentic NFL jerseys are created equally, sometimes some jerseys and merchandise items are just more popular than other kinds. Different players are more popular than others, some NFL players make the Pro Bowl more often and so on. If you're not a huge fan of the NFL, it can be hard to keep up with all of the changes in popularity, not to mention which teams players play on.
In this section of Discount Football Merchandise we will feature a changing selection of some of the more authentic NFL jerseys and merchandise that we can find. We base our hot NFL jerseys on several factors. These factors include total jersey sales, number of bids on auction items, the amount a player is in the news, how well he performs on the field and of course any other circumstances that could factor into how much a jersey gets bought.

Right now we have an absolutely huge selection of authentic NFL jerseys broken down by individual player. We have over 60 of the absolute hottest, most popular NFL jerseys. There is no better shop or store around for you to see such a vast array of jerseys from different players or different teams.

Instead of searching through the racks, hoping to find your favorite, just take a quick peek at all of the jerseys we have above. Dozens of authentic NFL jerseys, with all of the biggest names and at the best prices. We continue to make it easy for you to shop and find what you need, and our selection of discount NFL merchandise cannot be beat.

Last season Brett Favre New York Jets jerseys were some of the most popular for all fans, but the season before that none of that would have made sense! Now, Brett Favre Vikings jerseys have emerged as one of the most popular items in the league. So you never know what's going to happen when you're searching for popular authentic NFL jerseys.

Stars emerge, they change teams and new jerseys have to be bought. If you're looking for a gift for somebody, checking out the most popular discount NFL merchandise and the hottest NFL jerseys is always a smart way to go about it.

In 2009, with the Pittsburgh Steelers fresh off another Super Bowl victory, Steelers jerseys are sure to continue to fly off the shelves. Meanwhile, Jay Cutler and Terrell Owens are on new teams, and young stars are continuing to become even more dominant, such as Adrian Peterson. The new draftees of clubs are also anxious to get out on the field and back up their status.

Now, with the addition of Michael Vick to the Eagles, Michael Vick jerseys are extremely popular once again. People can't wait to see what Vick has in store, and a lot of fans are showing their support. The 2009 NFL season is sure to be filled with plenty of fans purchasing new Michael Vick Eagles jerseys.

Another popular item has been Chad Ochocinco jerseys. Chad Johnson officially changed his name and now on the back of his authentic jersey is says "Ochocinco". The great wide receiver continues to draw attention off of the field, but can he continue to back up all of that attention withhi play?

These are just a few of the major story lines that are moving the meter for discount NFL merchandise. There are sure to be plenty more as time goes on, and some players will even fall off of their high pedestals. But that's the way the NFL works, and that's why always checking in to see which authentic NFL jerseys are most popular is a great idea.

Enjoy our above selection of the most popular authentic NFL jerseys, and start representing your favorite player with our great NFL team merchandise today!